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BMW RDC Shenyang
Location: Shenyang
Country: Germany
Industry: Automotive
Contract type: GC
Period: 2015.06.10-2016.09.30
Area: 35,000sqm
Project Location:
Shenyang huanpu international industrial park tiexi district shenyang city liaoning province (BMW RDC)
Partner Profile:
Founded in May 2003 BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. is a joint venture of BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. The operation includes production sales and after-sales services of BMW automotives. The plants are situated in Shenyang city Liaoning Province which is a strong industrial base of China. Currently BMW Brilliance manufactures the All-New BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase the BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase and standard version the All-New BMW X1 the BMW 2 Series Tourer and the BMW 1 Series sedan. Plant Tiexi was the first automotive plant in China to be recognized as a national 4A tourist attraction an achievement that will benefit the local area by inspiring interest in science and technology and promoting tourism in Liaoning province.