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Woerwag Coatings Shenyang
Location: Shenyang
Country: Germany
Industry: Class A Chemical
Contract type: Design-Build
Period: 2017.06.12-2018.10.01
Area: 12,914sqm
1. The plant totally has 15 separated buildings.
2. The biggest building in the plant is the production workshop with a total area of 5839m2.
3. The plant was built within 12 months.
4. The whole plant was designed with E&G using BIM for final collision checking.
5. The 3 warehuse and workshop building are Class A Chemical meetin all the Explosion-Proof requiremets.
6. Th contract form was FIDIC Yellow Book.
Project Location:
No. 10 xihe liubei street tiexi district shenyang city liaoning province China
Partner Profile:
Wörwag Coatings LLC is a family-owned Company with approximately 1000 employees worldwide and more than 100 years history. Woerwag develops and produces high-tech and eco-friendly liquid, powder and film coatings for general industry and automotive suppliers.