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Threebond Technology Dalian
Location: Dalian
Country: Japan
Industry: Class A Chemical
Contract type: EPC
Period: 2015.03.18-2016.04.09
Area: 36,233sqm
1. Complex geological conditions: the plant was built on reclamed land, this required extra complex effort for the foundation treatment.
2. Multiple buildings with diverse, high requirements and standards. It required greater technical expertise during the construction.
3. The facility has different function rooms, such as clean room, freezing room, cold storage room, and R&D room.
4. There is a Class A workshop and Class A warehouse with the high requirement of ATEX explosion proof standard.
Project Location:
Circular economy industrial park no. 1 binhai street dazheng new city
Partner Profile:
ThreeBond International, Inc. is a global leader in the development of industrial adhesives and sealants technologies with in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) since 1997. ThreeBond International has sales and manufacturing across the US, Mexico, and Canada. ThreeBond Group has been partnering with leading product manufacturers worldwide for over 60 years, helping to advance society through safer, more reliable and more cost-efficient solutions.